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ICMED Training Center



The ICMED Training Center aims to design and deliver training activities in the specialist healthcare field.
Thanks to the great experience gained over the years, we have designed high quality training courses, capable of qualifying all those who work in pharmaceutical companies, in stem cell transplant programs, in PMA centres, in transfusion services and in all sectors high specialization.
We address both healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies, as well as individual healthcare professionals who want to increase their skills.

ECM Provider ID: 7158

With AGENAS provision, the ICMED Training Center has been accredited as a Provider authorized to deliver CME courses both in presence and in FAD (distance training) mode. 
Courses are delivered through our e-Learning platform designed for healthcare training, in accordance with AGENAS requirements.
The list of courses is continuously updated

Qualification paths

We have developed and designed qualification courses for personnel working in specific healthcare fields.
The qualified figures are:
- Quality Manager in PMA centers
- Quality Manager at Transplant Programs, Transfusion Services, tissue institutes
- Quality Manager at blood component collection units
- CAR-T and Cell Therapy Specialist

Constant Training

Accreditation standards require that staff working in transplant programs in tissue establishments must complete at least 10 hours of training.
Continuing training courses are carried out both nationally and internationally, aimed at maintaining the qualification requirements.


Tailored training 

- Preparation and maintenance of the Trial Master File
- Preparation of the Investigator File - Quality Control
- Organization of the transfer of the TMF to the Sponsor 

ICMED is the international leader in consulting and training in the field of organization and quality