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ASR and ISO: Correlation between the State-Regions Agreement and the ISO 9001:2015 Standard – FCB007 - 11/12/23

The 2021 State-Regions Agreement on Transfusion Services requires that the Transfusion Service have an internally structured and documented Quality System. Furthermore, many transfusion services have also implemented an internal quality system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The objective of this course is to compare ISO 9001 with the State-Regions Agreement, defining and identifying differences, similarities and proposing an integration scheme capable of understanding the requirements of both standards.

Participation in the following course allows you to meet the continuing education requirements (10 hours per year) for Quality Managers working in transfusion services and blood banks.

The course is ECM accredited.

Beginning of Event 11-12-2023 14:00
Event deadline 11-12-2023 18:30
Registration deadline 11-12-2023
Cost for person € 160 + VAT 22%
Formative credits 6
Course dates October 20 2023
Number Hours 4
Location Webinars - Online
Event categories Continuing Education, TISSUE BLOOD
Performance evaluation – FCB003 - 18/12/23

Implement a staff evaluation and performance management system for staff working within a Transplant Center and a Tissue Institute. During the meeting, operational tools will be provided to be implemented in order to implement a system of qualification and measurement of skills.

Beginning of Event 18-12-2023 14:00
Event deadline 18-12-2023 17:30
Registration deadline 18-12-2023
Cost for person € 160 + VAT 22%
Location Webinars - Online
Event categories Continuing Education, TISSUE BLOOD

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